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 Products List & Specifications

Click on the following page links or pictures to learn more about each product.
Click on the cut sheet links* to download and print framing specifications for each product.




36-42-48 Models

Cut Sheets: 36" Model-42" Model-48" Model




See-Thru Models

Cut Sheets: 36" See-Thru-42" See-Thru




Vent Free Models

Cut Sheets: 36" Vent Free-42" Vent Free-48" Vent Free

36" Vent Free See-Thru-42" Vent Free See-Thru



Additional Options

Brick Patterns

Arched Opening

Brick Colors
(Coming Soon!)



*Note: The cut sheet files are Adobe Acrobat PDF documents. To download these files, you will need to have the free Adobe Acrobat reader program installed on your computer. Please visit the Adobe website to download the free reader program.

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